Chime For Change Celebrates

Publicado em 10 Out 2014
A look back at some of the many impactful initiatives that have taken place with Chime for Change over the last year.




  • Thanks God for these organization, they help many people, make difference for the world's peace.


  • congrats to Bey & CFC! worthy causes. Women gettin' it done!!

  • I dont understand people who dislike this ..?!

  • So dope!

  • I meant the video on Facebook has nearly 1 million hits vs this video on youtube.

  • Beyonce posted this video on her Facebook page and it has nearly 1 million hits in less than 24 hours. She is for sure a catalyst for marketing, kudos to Harvard for acknowledging this.

  • I love you my QUEEN

  • I Love U Beyoncé🐝😻😻❤️ U Are My Hero & Inspiration❤️💕

  • Jessie J

  • Proud

  • QueenBey

  • My angel

  • and people (including emma watson) still say she isn't a 'true' feminist. i love you are my hero

    • Where are people finding that EW said Bey isn't a true feminist??

  • If this is what it means to be a lite feminist, then i wanna be a lite bright feminist :) #cornyashell

  • Beyoncé, you are my role model

  • Queen Bey ♥

  • I love you bey #beyhive forever

  • O Bey I love you so much, you did a very good job! We run this world girls!

  • Great work B, proud of this campaign!

  • YASSSSS, I love you QBey!!!!

  • Love it

  • Such a great cause. This is what Beyoncé represents.

  • 💖

  • QUEEN!!!!!

  • Cool

  • First

  • Yes