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1:04BET Humanitarian Award 2020
BET Humanitarian Award 2020Visualizações 1,1 mi10 meses atrás
4:42Beyoncé BLACK PARADE (Official Audio)
Beyoncé BLACK PARADE (Official Audio)Visualizações 13 mi10 meses atrás
9:46Beyoncé Commencement Speech | Dear Class Of 2020
Beyoncé Commencement Speech | Dear Class Of 2020Visualizações 925 mil10 meses atrás
1:11adidas x IVY PARK
adidas x IVY PARKVisualizações 1,9 miAnos atrás
2:33Beyoncé - 22 Days Nutrition
Beyoncé - 22 Days NutritionVisualizações 2,7 miAnos atrás
4:21MY POWER (Official Audio)
MY POWER (Official Audio)Visualizações 9 miAnos atrás
4:10BROWN SKIN GIRL (Official Audio)
BROWN SKIN GIRL (Official Audio)Visualizações 33 miAnos atrás
3:47Beyoncé - BIGGER (Official Audio)
Beyoncé - BIGGER (Official Audio)Visualizações 4,7 miAnos atrás
3:41Beyoncé - OTHERSIDE (Official Audio)
Beyoncé - OTHERSIDE (Official Audio)Visualizações 1,3 miAnos atrás
2:44Beyoncé - FIND YOUR WAY BACK (Official Audio)
Beyoncé - FIND YOUR WAY BACK (Official Audio)Visualizações 3,2 miAnos atrás
1:49Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar - NILE (Official Audio)
Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar - NILE (Official Audio)Visualizações 1,1 miAnos atrás
0:46Can You Feel The Love Tonight? #TheLionKing
Can You Feel The Love Tonight? #TheLionKingVisualizações 1,3 miAnos atrás
0:31#TheLionKing "Come Home"
#TheLionKing "Come Home"Visualizações 2,2 miAnos atrás
HOMECOMING WEEKENDVisualizações 886 mil2 anos atrás
OTR II SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTSVisualizações 251 mil2 anos atrás
6:05THE CARTERS - APESHIT (Official Video)
THE CARTERS - APESHIT (Official Video)Visualizações 241 mi2 anos atrás
0:46OTR II
OTR IIVisualizações 1 mi3 anos atrás
4:34Beyoncé - Sandcastles
Beyoncé - SandcastlesVisualizações 38 mi4 anos atrás
3:26Beyoncé - Love Drought
Beyoncé - Love DroughtVisualizações 21 mi4 anos atrás
4:48Beyoncé - Formation (Official Video)
Beyoncé - Formation (Official Video)Visualizações 246 mi4 anos atrás
6:22Beyoncé - All Night (Video)
Beyoncé - All Night (Video)Visualizações 106 mi4 anos atrás
GET OUT THE VOTEVisualizações 233 mil4 anos atrás
1:51BTS: The Formation World Tour (Barcelona)
BTS: The Formation World Tour (Barcelona)Visualizações 366 mil4 anos atrás



  • Alguns brasileiros escutando esse hino maravilhoso do casal


  • Love 👑🎶💎

  • I’m here from 2021


  • Play this at the man who killed George Floyd's death pls

  • She has the fairy-tale life...not perfect but made lemonade out of 🍋


  • Tu consistes a Selena estoy viendo la serie de Selena

  • Song makes me ball my eyes out

  • Beyonce all the way


  • she can make me feel so much more confident with these black empowerment songs of hers

  • 10 years after this performance and I still can’t believe it really happened. I haven’t seen any performances like this lately.

  • ❤️❤️

  • Thanks for admitting you sold your soul to me 7/11 is my birthdate you'll learn NOT to trick the DEVIL

  • No I don't care

  • Hope you had fun in me and the devil's potion 😹😹😹😹😹

  • You have lost your mind 👁️🪓😹

  • Crazy psycho

  • You dare challenge the most powerful EGYPTIAN cat Goddess ME muahahaaaaaaaaa I unleash ANAT the goddess of war and chaos MUAH

  • 2021 E eu aqui quase chorando com esse HINO 🇧🇷 BRASIL 🇧🇷 LOVE 🇧🇷QUEENB

  • Sometimes I forget that beyonce used to do commercials

  • Jake Nava has created some of Beyonce's most iconic videos.

  • #safpanda charity for Pandas. The latest census in 2014 found that there were 1,864 giant pandas alive in the wild.

  • People watching this 2021 😂😂😂 tour a beautiful queen Beyoncé forever

  • I love your songs Queen!

  • AYE AYE AYEEEE, this give me a vibe mannnn 😭😭🔥🔥🔥

  • leba

  • I love it. Did she write this?

  • This earth is blessed with many artist. Beyoncé goes that extra artist mile.

  • ❤😍

  • lmfao

  • 2021 it still hit harder

  • Paulo Gustavo - Rest in Peace

  • Shatta wake and beyonce love you guys

  • 4:36-4:50🥺🥺❤

  • Love this song, it makes me feel good. Love you all, Thanks 😍😍😍🌹🌹

  • 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • dont you drop that alcohol 😂✌

  • Up

  • Livin legend's

  • I’m glad women AND MEN are finally picking up what we’ve been throwing down this whole time lol because HOLY SHIT WAS THERE A LOT OF CONFUSION

  • Well done to her its hard work losing weight. shows me she did something about so what if she had chefs and private coaches she can afford it she works hard ... so message to all the haters stop eating fast food and learn how to cook proper balanced meals ! Instead of knocking someone elses progress .At the end of the day shes human like the rest of us

  • مل

  • Пели Танцевали и Про Бабулки Незабыли 🤣 Тоисть Про Деньги ~ 21 Век Деньги Воздух ~ Жизнь Ценность ~ Мызыканты Птички ~ Она Волщебна ~

  • bey rainhaa

  • e vamos de flooddd arr

  • Imagine looking out of your window and seeing Beyoncé dancing on a balcony.

  • 🔥🔥🔥


  • Beyonce have a nerve to make a tribute to micheal jackson because she was disrespectful towards Michael jackson The sarcastically saying she feels bad for him that he was abused by his father it was disrespect to Janet jackson and now she singing his song smh

  • Oi mãe te amo

  • Donate blood please

  • 2021 may still watching

  • I wish I could meet Beyoncé one day

  • Niceee!

  • Getting recommended this 7 yrs later 🥰🥰

  • Can u guys help me my kid got in Howard Unv.. 1st generation college please help me what ways can we find help #single mom of a genius

  • Queeeeeeeeennnnnnn

  • she’s so beautiful:)

  • Let us die young or let us live FOREVEA 🙌💫 Jay z ( hover) beyonce🙌do REALLY wanna live FOREVEA Young ayee 🕺💃I'm surrounded by yo embrass baby I can see yo Halo I know you're my saving grace baby I can feel yo Halo I pray you won't fade AWAY ayee🙌💯🌹yess what emperor couple YESS beautifullll

  • Getting bored during quarantine be like

  • I love how she highlights black men in this song and black girls in “brown skin girl”.

  • Incredible song and video

  • Amazing

  • Her voice is just so lovely

  • Amazing

  • Incredible song and video

  • 65

  • Is this the early days of Musically aka TikTok

  • Let me pull out my Fro ,my black lives matter t-shirt ✊🏿

  • Hey everyone

  • this is fucking iconic

  • Love this song

  • They both killed it

  • Bc

  • O poder dela caras-------

  • Imagine what her neighbors had to be seeing everyday 😂😂